Invest in Mississippi’s Future

The Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) is the voice of business in Mississippi. We speak for companies of all sizes and in every industry – with the goal of improving the business climate in our state. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a long-established small business or a large corporation, consider a membership in MEC. When you invest in MEC, you are joining an elite group of business leaders who are working together to create a more prosperous, vibrant future for our state.

MEC Membership Investment Levels

Participant: $300 minimum a year.

  • Profile: Small, new, and/or emerging companies with fewer than ten employees. These companies want to engage, learn more about MEC, have representation and receive vital information on current issues affecting their business.

  • Supporter: $500 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Small companies with fewer than 20 employees who want to begin demonstrating a higher level of support for MEC and its programs.

  • Sustaining: $1,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Smaller companies who want to make a strong commitment to MEC and its programs.

  • Chair’s Council: $2,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: MEC’s entry level corporate membership is designed for smaller companies with a strong focus on the future of Mississippi OR for larger multi-state corporations who want to become more familiar with MEC and its programs before committing to a higher level of support.

  • Foundation: $5,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Companies with a single location in Mississippi seeking to demonstrate a foundation of strong support of MEC and its programs.

  • Cornerstone: $10,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Companies with a single location in Mississippi and fewer than 1,000 employees.

  • Milestone: $15,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Companies looking to reach beyond their foundation of already strong support of MEC to becoming more active in promoting a strong business climate in our state.

  • Keystone: $20,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Companies with multiple locations and/or Mississippi-headquartered companies with significant employment.

  • Capstone: $30,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: Companies with multiple locations across the state with more than 1,000 employees.

  • Pinnacle: $50,000 minimum a year.
  • Profile: The highest level of membership is reserved for the state’s largest corporations dedicated to making a significant investment and difference in our state’s future.
  • To learn more about membership benefits and which level is best for your organization, contact the MEC membership team at 601-969-0022.

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    Membership dues to the Mississippi Economic Council may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense for income tax purposes. A portion of the dues, however, is not deductible to the extent that the Council is engaged in State and/or Federal lobbying efforts. The non-deductible portion of dues for the year is 20 percent. MEC dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution